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Server Information / Counter Strike Source Surf Server And Rules
« Last post by Dante on August 15, 2011, 03:56:09 am »
Type:CSS Surf Server

1.No Spamming
2.No Hacking
3.No Cheating
4.No **** Sprays
5.No Spawn Camping
Apply For (ITI:S)Staff Here. / Re: Sandman Application
« Last post by Dante on August 03, 2011, 07:35:05 pm »
Your application was top notch 5/5!

No spelling mistakes, good reasoning, and it wasn't a cluster ****.
I welcome you to Intellectuals Inc. Once more if you would accept your old position back as Executive.
Apply For (ITI:S)Staff Here. / Sandman Application
« Last post by sandman on August 03, 2011, 05:00:42 pm »
1.Whats Your Steam ID And Nickname?

2.Who Invited You If Anyone?
Been around since the beginning.

3.How Long Have You Played On Our Servers?
Many hours on the old Garrysmod server.

4.What Age Are You (13 Minimum)

5.Why Are You Interested In Joining?
Looking to help try and get this community back out of the grave.

6.What Can You Bring Us By Joining And Helping Support Us?
Good server administration skill. Some development skills in both server and websites. All around good person to have around.
Server Information / Counter Strike Source Minigame Server And Rules
« Last post by Dante on August 01, 2011, 05:08:11 pm »
Type: CSS Minigame Server

1.No Hacking
2.No Cheating
3.No **** Sprays
4.No Spamming
5.No Racism
6.No Sexism
7.No Map Abuse
Apply For (ITI:S)Staff Here. / Re: Application Bikerman
« Last post by Dante on July 12, 2011, 05:07:31 pm »
Application Rating:3/5 - Decent

Rank Assigned: (ITI:S)Staff - Lowest initiate rank

Comments:Work on your organization of words and getting to the point, you may apply to the other Teams such as the Coding Team or Social Communications team.
Ranks / Rank Divisions
« Last post by Dante on July 12, 2011, 04:33:09 pm »
Executive Team|Classification - 3
(ITI:F)Founder|Rank Limit - 2

(ITI:SF)Sub Founder|Rank Limit - 4

(ITI:M)Manager|Rank Limit - 6

(ITI:E)Executive|Rank Limit - 10

Modding Team|Classification - 2
(ITI:D)Developer|Rank Limit - 20

(ITI:C)Coder|Rank Limit - Infinite

Social Communications|Classification - 2
ITI:CM)Community Manager|Rank Limit - 25

(ITI:CD)Complaint Department|Rank Limit - Infinite

No Appointed Team|Classification - 1
(ITI:SE)Secretary|Rank Limit - Infinite

(ITI:S)Staff|Rank Limit - Infinite

You can apply for the lowest level of any of the teams (except the executive team you are handpicked or voted in.)

Once you have become a (ITI:S)Staff member, the Executive Team is above the others and the Modding Team as well as the Complaint Department outrank (ITI:S)Staff members and (ITI:SE)Secretaries.

(Excluding The Executive Team)The 2nd Tier of each team has superiorty over the 1st Tier and can tell members of another team what to do if they are of the 1st Tier and have nothing better to do or do not have a team.

This rules does not apply to the Executive Team.
Each member that is in a rank with a limited number of members allowed will have a number showing which person came first aswell as showing superiority.

This applies to
Founder's,Sub Founder's,Manager's,Executive's,Developer's,And Community Manager's.The amount of people per rank is subject to change for the last 2 ranks listed above.

An example of this is (ITI:F-1) Which is my rank as the first founder of the group since i created the group and have made it what is is so far.
Apply For (ITI:S)Staff Here. / Application Bikerman
« Last post by Bikerman on July 12, 2011, 04:33:07 pm »
My Steam Id Is 0:0:5179231 .

Dante asked me if a wanted to join
a long time ago when he was still in Lees Incredibly strict and stupid clan.

  I've played not long on our servers' because of boredom and now i play games again and i will for awhile  as soon as i have settled into games.

I'll play all the Garrys mod and minecraft servers probably daily. 

 I am 19 years old.

I wish to join So that we can destroy Lee and his servers .

 What i can bring to the clan is I will be on the servers daily like i said before and so i can check for  grieving or people being annoying.

News And Updates / Reasons for Reform
« Last post by Dante on July 11, 2011, 09:47:28 am »
I reformed the clan and its ranks because i felt people didnt truly deserve their ranks and they were based on my own personal opinions and i see now that it would be fairer if people had to be very deserving or voted into their positions.
Ranks / Ranks
« Last post by Dante on July 09, 2011, 10:28:21 am »
Current Rank List
(ITI:F)Founder-A person with this rank is a group founder who has helped start the group and get it off its feet and has made high contributions of time and effort not only to the website but to the servers as well.

(ITI:SF)Sub Founder-A person with this rank is a person assistant of a founder and has nearly all the same powers and is not restricted except at all other than their ranks below Founders.

(ITI:M)Manager-A person with this rank manages clan alliances and merges aswell as keeps satisfaction inside the group to ensure stability.

(ITI:E)Executive-A person with this rank makes decisions in the meeting room with the Manager's and Founder's and submits ideas to further better the clan and push it in the right direction.

(ITI:D)Developer-A person with this rank is someone who oversees the projects of the coder team aswell as rates them and judges them to make sure the scripts are correct and usable,then sends the higher ranked ones to be discussed by the Higher Staff.

(ITI:C)Coder-A person with this rank is a person who codes server scripts and special events that would go into the server such as a custom and realistic weapons mod.

(ITI:CM)Community Manager-A person with this rank has the sole purpose of making sure that the clan gets a steady flow of members and server regulars aswell as keeping arguements to a minimum.

(ITI:CD)Complaint Department-A person with this rank takes concerns and complaints and helps a person with their problem and does what they can to fix it if they cant they will forward it to someone who can fix it.

(ITI:SE)Secretary-A person with this rank is appointed this rank if they have been a staff member for a long time and has been an active and loyal member to Intellectuals Inc.

(ITI:S)Staff-A person with this rank has passed their application and is an official member of Intellectuals Inc. they have no power in the group but they do have power over unregistered users and server guests.

To get any of these ranks other than Staff,Complaint Department,and Coder you have to be voted in or have to be very deserving of the rank.

Donate Info / How To Donate And What You Will Receive.
« Last post by Dante on June 09, 2011, 06:11:00 pm »

To Donate To Us, Give The Money To My Paypal


The Currency Is USD

Donators Receive A Special Rank On The Forums And These Ingame Powers Accordingly.

Remember To Include Your SteamID And Steam Nickname In The Paypal

Donators Can Have Their Status Stripped At Any Time  For Being Insubordinate And Abusive And The Will Not Get A Refund Under Any Circumstances.
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