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Rank Divisions
« on: July 12, 2011, 04:33:09 pm »
Executive Team|Classification - 3
(ITI:F)Founder|Rank Limit - 2

(ITI:SF)Sub Founder|Rank Limit - 4

(ITI:M)Manager|Rank Limit - 6

(ITI:E)Executive|Rank Limit - 10

Modding Team|Classification - 2
(ITI:D)Developer|Rank Limit - 20

(ITI:C)Coder|Rank Limit - Infinite

Social Communications|Classification - 2
ITI:CM)Community Manager|Rank Limit - 25

(ITI:CD)Complaint Department|Rank Limit - Infinite

No Appointed Team|Classification - 1
(ITI:SE)Secretary|Rank Limit - Infinite

(ITI:S)Staff|Rank Limit - Infinite

You can apply for the lowest level of any of the teams (except the executive team you are handpicked or voted in.)

Once you have become a (ITI:S)Staff member, the Executive Team is above the others and the Modding Team as well as the Complaint Department outrank (ITI:S)Staff members and (ITI:SE)Secretaries.

(Excluding The Executive Team)The 2nd Tier of each team has superiorty over the 1st Tier and can tell members of another team what to do if they are of the 1st Tier and have nothing better to do or do not have a team.

This rules does not apply to the Executive Team.
Each member that is in a rank with a limited number of members allowed will have a number showing which person came first aswell as showing superiority.

This applies to
Founder's,Sub Founder's,Manager's,Executive's,Developer's,And Community Manager's.The amount of people per rank is subject to change for the last 2 ranks listed above.

An example of this is (ITI:F-1) Which is my rank as the first founder of the group since i created the group and have made it what is is so far.
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